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All websites will have a certain amount of fluctuation in traffic. You know what a normal range is for your own website. If you see a significant drop in traffic, your first response is probably to undo the latest change you made in a panic. Don’t do that—there are many reasons your traffic might drop.First, make sure that the drop in traffic isn’t just a problem with your date ranges. If you’re looking at today’s date, remember that not all of the traffic for today has come in yet. Also, considering what a normal fluctuation in traffic is for your website, are you sure this is serious?Next, check with IT for technical issues. If your site is down or loading very slowly, your traffic will drop. Or, if you or your webmaster has accidentally deleted your tracking code, it will seem like you’re not getting any traffic at all even though nothing has changed.Lastly, check the news. Is there a major power outage, a holiday, or some other news item that may explain a drop? If you’ve confirmed that this is, indeed, a drop in traffic that isn’t caused by technical or external issues, then move on to boosting your falling website traffic with these steps.
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